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  • True Love Needs No Legally Binding Bureaucracy

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    A Commitment Ceremony

    Is a Marriage of True Love that recognizes the Eternal Being in each other

    A Union of Soul Mates

    Not a pesky Bureaucratic Formality


    In this day and age

    There is much less obligatory, authority mandated, pressures to marry.

    If you are fairly young or somewhat unsure or… really sensible…

    Consider a Commitment Ceremony at the completion of your Course

    It’s OK

    To commit your Love to your Love

    It does not need to be a

    Trinity’ with you, your love and big brother....

    Along with this ménage à trois... there will be the

    Litany of Litigious Lawyers Lurking beyond the Lifelines Lying in wait..


    We are no longer required to

    ‘Fornicate Under the Consent of the King’…

    In other words,…

    The Government Does Not need to know who we are currently in love with.


    The whole guidance course, wedding and life ...will go on exactly the same.

    The only difference is one single marriage license form filled out on-line.

    At some point,

    A couple should bring to Awareness

    The Core reasons to get legally married...

    and perhaps consider a

    Commitment Ceremony.


    There are countless reasons to get married...

    There are virtues and pitfalls

    To the reasons how each couple feels about

    Why They Truly Want To Get "Legally" Married


    Those on

    The Emerging Tier of Human Developmental Growth

    are on the cusp of

    ~ Personal Awakening ~

    They have grown to the leading edge of society

    and now are Naturally inclined towards a Spiritual-ness…


    A key factor of


    is the ability to

    ‘Be’ in the moment.

    In ‘this’ moment, a life together is fulfilling

    Later down the Road of Life…

    The ever present moment may bring uncharted directions to pursue

     for Inspirations we can’t see currently.

    To Limit one’s self with the huge burdens legally required to

    buy yourself out of a 'legally' binding commitment


    Quite the unnecessary expense of wasted time and money


    If the heart is just not in it anymore

    There should be a natural conclusion to move on…

    Not a new car’s worth of Lawyer fees and court costs.


    The societal trend is towards more couples choosing the path of

    A Commitment Ceremony


    Have a simply Enchanting Romantic Maui Beach Commitment Ceremony with

    Professional Photography that expertly captures the

    ‘Ever Present Moment’


    The highly elated auras of Love…


    Just Like a 'Legal' Wedding!

    But A Lot Less Stressful!!



    ~      ~      ~      ~


    Not 100 % sure you are really completely ready to tie the knot?

    Are you one that really wants to

    Show your Commitment Sincerely,


    If You are fully engaged in projects and

    Big Life Changes

    Perhaps you would prefer to wait until the 'dust of Life'

    Settles a wee bit more…


    then there’s that …

     Seven Year Itch Thingy…


    Consider a Commitment Ceremony


    Just Like a "Legal" Wedding...

    With an Enchanting Ceremony on a Dreamy Maui Beach...

    with a nice dress, Flowers & all…

    Have some Heartfelt Emotional Ceremony Photography

    and Romantic Poses on a breath taking Maui Beach

    Enjoy a romantic laid back Maui Honeymoon…


    This is every bit as Loving and Real as

    a government sanctioned wedding...

    With-OUT the complications


    A Love that is Commited with 'No Strings Attached'

    Is Far and Beyond More Meaningful than one based on a

     Fear of God, the 'In-Laws' or Legal Fees


    The Integration of Two True Loves

    Celebrating their Journey Together down the

    'Ever Present Momenmts' of Life


  • The Ultimate Lovers Surprize!

    Guys OR Gals

    That want to ‘pop the question’

    but have

    ‘Reasonable Doubt’ of a positive outcome

    Confidently skip the Awkward question all together

    And just

    Announce their love to their beloved

     in a Heartfelt Commitment Ceremony


    Be the Ultimate Romantic!

    You can confidently organize a super Romantic situation where…

    You Slyly mention to your Sweetie that you have

    Arranged a Romantic Photo session on the beach


    You stroll along a Dreamy Maui Beach

    and come across an Enchanting Harp Player

    With the Professional Photographer as promised…


    You join the shoot in progress and get placed into well light and contrasted positions…

    Yea, That’s Ticket!  “Photo session” stuff…


    We then ‘spin a tall tail’ about the guy that just happens to have a nice conch shell and ‘agreed to the photographer’s request for a photo opportunity…’

    After a few seriously silly shots…

    This “Guy” starts to a weave some “Hawaiian Story Talk” …

    about this shell and his Sailing Adventures

    Then the “Story” becomes a Love story in which

    You & your ‘surprised’ honey are the main feature.

    The Conch shell blesses the union of two Blessed Souls in True Love

    Lei’s are exchanged,

    Blessings are bestowed … and Off you go to a romantic honeymoon

    that will make your dreams sizzle for a lifetime to come.


    Come back in a year or so

    and “Dot the I’s… with a ‘legally filed ceremony’, if so desired

    Or heck

    Just take your Sweetie to Maui again for a

    Re- Commitment Ceremony


    There are endless Alternatives to make Your Big Surprize a Big Hit!


  • Marriage they say, ‘Is an Institution

    One that was created a very long time ago

    for various reasons that made perfect sense to

    those that were part of that old world view.

    Historically, in most cultures,

    Married women had very few rights of their own,

    being considered, along with the family's children,

    the property of the husband

    as such,

    They could not own or inherit property,

    or represent themselves legally

    Over time,

    A lot of these ‘Non-Equanimeous’ perspectives have been Transcended


    Another big step up

    In the evolution of human developmental stage growth is

    the Transcendence

    From these old world views

    To less ' Myth' based Spirituality

    That promotes

    The Individually fulfilling Personal connection to Spirit


     for a lot of people,

    They are stuck in a ‘traditional’' Spiritual rut

    ~ Dukkha ~

    The Buddha

    Points out this is the core reason for



    The downside of ‘traditions’

     is that

    it keeps a lot of Progressive Higher Perspectives



    Way back ‘when’…

    No specific ritual was prescribed for celebrating a marriage:

    "Marriage vows did not have to be exchanged in a church,

     nor was a priest's presence required.

    A couple could exchange consent anywhere, anytime."


    Decrees on marriage of the Council of 1563

    made the validity of marriage dependent upon

     the wedding taking place before a priest and two witnesses


    Thus establishing the Doctrines of Church

    that took 'Control' over




    The Inspirations of Creative Wholeness

    Tend to Trend Things Upward Towards


     Embrace and more Integration of Many Perspectives...



    Divorce stats

    41 percent of first marriages end in divorce.

    60 percent of second marriages end in divorce.

    73 percent of third marriages end in divorce.


    ~  Don’t become a ‘Negative Stat’  ~

    Enroll in

    Personally Fulfilling Marital Enlightenment Guidance


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